Banner Mesh

BANNER MESH or SCAFFOLD BANNERS are unlike normal PVC banners, outdoor mesh banners have thousands of tiny holes to allow air flow. This means that movement and resistance is greatly reduced in windy outdoor conditions. Flapping is reduced, billowing is reduced and the risk of wind ripping the banner off its attached surface is minimised, making them perfect for use on temporary fencing, or bridges, billboards, stadium advertising or more creatively as building wraps for covering messy scaffoldings or even as theatre backdrops, where high wind conditions may be an issue.

Despite being windproof, over 75% of the surface remains printable to allow for bright and vivid designs to be printed on the mesh banner material. When combined with full weatherproof and UV-proof properties, they’re the ultimate solution for outdoor banners in windy environments.

Printed mesh banners

banner mesh installation Banner mesh banner mesh installation

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